The best way to get a good house or office cleaning service is to ask a friend about theirs. If you’ve got a friend who comes home from a hard day of work each day to a spotlessly clean home and arises to meet a well-cleaned office in the morning, you’ve got to ask them where they found them.

If not, your local Yellow Pages will have lots of listings, and you can also find good services on the internet. You should also decide whether you’d like an independent contractor or a company. Going independent means cutting out the middle man, but you have to take care of taxes, liability, and other issues yourself. A company ensures that its workers are covered, and you don’t have to worry about it.

Decide What You Want to be Done

Before you even think of calling a cleaning services company or individual, decide in detail what you’d like done. Most folks don’t need dishes washed and would prefer not to have the maid in the bedroom. You might just want to have the carpets cleaned, in which case you would contact a carpet cleaning company. Brainstorm every possible thing you’d want to be cleaned, and let this list be your guide when you interview potential cleaners.

Also, decide how often you’d like them to visit, and what time of day. If you have no preference about the time of day, they will make some suggestions. These are important things to think about before you call anybody because they’ll determine which one is the best match for you.

Other Questions To Ask

A good cleaning service provider will have professional gear and materials to use, as well as lots of expertise on how to clean every nook and cranny of the office or house. During the interview, go through the area you need to be cleaned with your prospective cleaner and have them offer suggestions on what they’ll do. This will give you an idea of their experience.

You should also check the company’s policies. What if you’re unhappy with the work? What if you go on vacation and don’t need their services? How do their insurance and liability work? What is their policy if your cleaner gets sick or quits?

Find out how long they’ve been in the cleaning business, and whether they’ve had any complaints against them. You can always check them out with the Better Business Bureau, and this will tell you if they’ve ever had any trouble. You might want to ask them also what kind of formal training their cleaners get.

Good Communication Produces Results

There are also some simpler things to consider when hiring a cleaning services company. For example, are they on time for the interview? Are they friendly and professional? You need your cleaner to be reliable, trustworthy, and easy to talk to. A good relationship with your cleaning services provider will make everything go much more smoothly.

Finding a good cleaning service takes the workload off of you, and puts it in the hands of an experienced professional. Once you find a great service that you’re happy with, you can stop spending time scrubbing your floors and spend your time on more worthwhile things.