Automated debris management system

After a disaster incident, the removal of debris is very important as soon as possible. The traditional paper based ticketing is not being used during the debris removal. Now an automated debris management system (ADMS) is the solution due to the new technology. Everyone wants the work done quickly and efficiently without mistakes. So whoever clears away the area from debris and brings the construction material faster, is successful than other companies. Due to the technology solution, the work is done without any mistake or error.

The whole process needs careful coordination from start to finish, even minor mistakes may destroy your status in market. This software automates all the material management processes and helps in trucking and hauling business.

The very first step is to evaluate whether the trucks are able to carry the volume of material or not so that you can certify your vehicle suitable for the job. Through the software, the vehicles are monitored as they enter and exit the dump areas. It is easy to check them and accept or reject if they are not capable of handling the job.

After certifying the vehicles, barcodes are created and attached to the assigned vehicles. All this information is entered by field staff into the system through the website. There is no need of paper ticketing and no chance of errors. After scanning the barcode the information enters the system and verification is done automatically by the loading site agent and truck driver. The information of dumping the load is also saved and time and date are stamped and whole data is transferred to the website accurately.

Tracking of the load is complete and every detail and information is saved to generate reports. This information is available for the field office or administrative office, for further use of making reports for lulling your customers.

Although an ADMS operates on a small device like mobile but its results are accurate, efficient and cost and time saving because it does not need a lot of manual work so you need not to hire a lot of staff, which saves money and prevents tension.

This system has GPS tracking system. This helps you in keeping the record of your vehicles loaded with debris and the driver’s whereabouts. Every road of pickups and drop-offs is tracked with the click of a button. In case of missing vehicle, it can be identified easily and this system reduces the loss of load and there are no possibilities of fraud or theft, or late loading and unloading. This helps you to produce more accurate and quick billing.

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