Choosing the Perfect Cake for Your Wedding

In weddings, the cake is one of the most anticipated elements following the bride. The wedding cake creates a focus during the reception and guest look forward to having a taste. Also, it sums up the moments of the big day making it one of the most valuable wedding traditions. So, how do you choose the perfect cake for your wedding?

1. Get a Style

The traditional wedding cake comes in tiers, frosted with a cake topper or fondant flowers. There are various types of cakes it terms of size, layout and presentation. You may prefer square tiers instead of round ones. Perhaps you would prefer mini servings for each guest instead of a large piece for everyone. You may also adopt the idea of serving cupcakes or desert substitutes such as donuts or cheese.

2. Select the Design

Most wedding cakes are made to match the wedding’s overall color theme. Find inspiration from what you love to see on your wedding cake. Selecting the design brings your creativity to work. Your wedding is a significant day; so do not shy away from implementing ideas on your cake design.

3. Plan Early

Give yourself time to check out cake designs and styles. Early planning helps you to make changes to your wedding cake design allowing time for new ideas. Also, enough time when choosing the cake will prevent the last-minute rush and tension in the last week to your wedding.

4. Decide on the Size

The number of invites you will have at the reception will determine the size of your wedding cake. If you are planning a private wedding with few guests, a five-tiered cake will not be necessary. Same way, a large crowd will need you to provide a large cake for everyone.

5. Decide A Suitable Budget

While planning for the other elements of your wedding, set aside the amount of money you are willing to spend on the cake. Take time to come up with the desired cake budget. Compare the prices among bakers to determine the cost. Discuss with the vendors about various adjustments applicable to the type of cake you want. It will help you source a cake that will meet your needs and fit into your budget.

6. Sample the Cakes

Up to this stage, you probably have an idea of the outer look of your wedding cake. The flavor of the cake is equally important as the design and style. Therefore, visit various vendors for cake- tasting sessions with your partner. If your plan is to have multiple flavors, make sure you taste them all. Also, sample different textures on cakes to determine what you would like for your guests.


The above tips will help you choose the perfect cake for the special day. Consider the design, your preferred style and flavor. Get the right size with regards to the number of guests. Also, be realistic when deciding on a favorable budget for your wedding cake. Involve your partner when deciding on a suitable wedding cake.


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