Ms Dynamics DOCTOR Support – Standard Support Problems and Their own Resolutions

Chances tend to be high which somebody through Great Flatlands user neighborhood already got this problem documented as well as resolved previously. If you can’t find appropriate post about the Customer Supply, next step would be to call is actually either phone MBS tech support team (for those who have active agreement), or even your Character GP VAR, let’s review your choices:

1. Basically am below MBS yearly Dynamics DOCTOR support agreement. Well, you’re in great hands. The contract must have either unlimited quantity of technical assistance cases (generally for big corporation or even non with regard to profit business), or limited number of instances per 12 months, or in the most frequent case you need to pay reduced rate for every technic ing support phone. Even should you typically possess assigned Character GP Advisor (via your Excellent Plains VAR), this professional might not be aware regarding certain specialized issues. Character GP is actually mid-market Business ERP software, and for that systems of this type you need to expect assistance budget. You advisor can open up new assistance cases for you, or that you can do it within Microsoft Company Solutions Client Source (where you’ve GP tech support team portal). Recommended way would be to open brand new case via online Customer Supply (as opposed to call tech support team via the telephone)

two. If We didn’t cv my Character GP (or even old Excellent Plains Character) tech support team contract. With this situation, if you’re on the actual version, still backed directly through MBS (at the moment, October 2010 they are versions 11. 0/2010, 10. 0 as well as 9. 0), you are able to still phone MBS technology support (you can’t place situation via Client Source, as you will no longer have entry there). Prepare yourself to pay top dollar for the actual support event, and get a credit greeting card ready. Second case here’s when you’re on aged version, no more supported. Observe next section

3. What exactly are my options to aid old Excellent Plains Character, eEnterprise or even Great Flatlands for DOS. Let’s checklist historical variations: Dynamics DOCTOR: 8. 0, 7. 5; Ms Great Flatlands 7. 0, 6. 0 (here you might also need eEnterprise edition, targeted in order to large businesses); Excellent Plains upon Pervasive SQL Server 2000 or even Ctree: 7. 5, 7. 0, 6. 0, 5. 5 (that one was on Btrieve, later on old Btrieve had been acquired through Pervasive Software program and renamed in to Pervasive SQL), 5. 0, four. 0, 3. 2 (we now have not observed earlier variations still within production, for those who have one, please tell us). eEnterprise 6. 0 as well as 7. 0 were on Microsoft SQL Server System (whilst Great Flatlands Select was limited to MSDE or even SQL Server 2000 Desktop computer edition); Dynamics C/S+ was on earlier variations of Ms SQL Server, for example 6. 5, 7. 0, afterwards this outlines was renamed in to eEnterprise. Last but not least, there is fairly large listing of customers, who’re still upon Great Flatlands Accounting with regard to DOS 9. 5, 9. 2 as well as earlier (right here some fraction of these are upon GPA with regard to Windows as well as Mac, but the majority is sticking in order to DOS user interface, which within our opinion is actually more dependable). Right now, let’s devote special paragraph towards the support itself for that old Excellent Plains variations

4. Nicely, support can be obtained, and this really is good information. However, the other the main story is actually – support can be obtained through Excellent Plains experts, who had been trained to aid the historic version, and this isn’t necessary the situation, that your own Dynamics DOCTOR VAR bears such advisor in personnel. Our organization supports all of the versions associated with Great Flatlands ever launched. There may be the chance you could find Excellent Plains technologies partner, helping your historic version associated with Great Flatlands, but prepare yourself to attract nationwide DOCTOR support knowledge

5. Standard Support Problems. Please, be aware here, that after we are referring to Dynamics DOCTOR or Excellent Plains assistance, we imply relatively little issue (to become turned in to support situation), while if you want major tasks, such because new Character GP personalization, data transformation, integration – they are project and really should be carried out via your own Dynamics DOCTOR Partner or even Consultant. Now exactly where we begin to see the most regular case user profile: batch publishing recovery, deleting trapped user (specifically for old variations) within Activity desk, versions update issues, putting logo upon SOP Bill Form within Report Author, data repair if you’re on Pervasive SQL Server 2000 (by way of Microsoft Entry linked furniture)

6. A few recovery recommends. If you’re comfortable to complete data restore on SQL desk level, please realize that if y9u order was trapped in publishing, do choose * through SY00500 towards Dynamics data source. You should begin to see the batch detailed there along with Posting Standing field to become not equivalent zero. Should you force it to become zero, then batch is going to be available with regard to reposting, however if it’s transactions along with inconsistences (missing GL publishing account or such things as that)

7. Excellent Plains Sales for DOS assistance. Here you’re in the problem, where the majority of the former GPA experts left the actual scene. In Alba Spectrum we now have old GPA tech support team database (exported within Excel document, prior in order to Great Flatlands Accounting assistance termination through Microsoft Company Solutions straight).

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