After a disaster incident, the removal of debris is very important as soon as possible. The traditional paper based ticketing is not being used during the debris removal. Now an automated debris management system (ADMS) is the solution due to the new technology. Everyone wants the work done quickly and efficiently without mistakes. So whoever […]

Cricket is the play of excitement and aggression and the followers of these cricketers are being increased day by day. The connection between cricketers and the people is being strong due to the immense use of instagram followers. There are many cricketers on Instagram who are followed by a large number of fans because of […]

People are using carpets to decorate their floors from decades. People use carpets as a form of classy and elegance. Keeping carpets clean is as important as having them for the look of the house. A dirty carpet will make the whole house look dirty even if it is clean. Carpet cleaning is a task […]